Akash Maru is an avid Photographer situated in Leicester and London. With years of experience, he has created a diverse portfolio ranging from fashion, advertorials, events, products, and more.


Akash uses his expertise to add a unique touch to his work. Dedicated to his craft, along with his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, he strives to always exceed client expectations.

Continue reading below to see the experience his clients have had working with him!



"Akash is extremely creative and professional. He works his magic on the camera and creates stunning photos that capture the most incredible details. I have been blown away with some of the photos he has created because they tell more than a story."


Akash has been involved in the marketing of our property for some years. He is a talented photographer who has done some excellent work for our company. Photos are key to the marketing of our business; Akash is extremely professional and brings a unique style that helps us connect with our customers. Please contact us for more details.


Not only is Akash completely amazing at what he does, he’s also a wonderful person to work with. We’ve used Akash numerous times for event photography and we’ve still yet to meet anyone that can top his photos. He is one of the most talented and professional photographers we’ve met, Always going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction (he even travelled to London last minute for one of our events!). He was also generous enough to let us use his personal photography in our work! I would without a doubt recommend Akash’s services to all (as I have to all our business network, friends and family!), Especially if you are looking for a kind, talented person to work with!


"Having recently taken some shots for me down at my cafe, Akash proved to not only be a brilliant photographer, but a kind guy as well. I can honestly say that all his pictures came out absolutely fantastic and unique. I truly wish I could've got him a bed there to be taking shots all the time because any photographer would find it extremely hard to match him. 

His service and friendly approach never goes a miss!"




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